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Sometimes, when using Joomla, you’re in a situation where you want to display one or more modules in your article.
Either as a plugin substitute (module might not be available as plugin) or as a real module-position (where more modules can appear in a module-position on one or more menu-items).

The trick is using the “loadposition” plugin.
You might have noticed when adding a module the normal way, that in stead of clicking the Select Position button, you might as well just enter the name of the module-position directly into the text-field. This doesn’t has to be a name of a module-position available in your templates, just create a new name which makes sense for its purpose. For now I’ll just call it “xyz”.
Like for all ‘regular’ modules, tell Joomla under which menu-items this may be displayed.

In your article(s) you can pull in all modules attached to module-position “xyz”, by inserting the plugin-code “loadposition” with “xyz” as an argument:

Some content here.
{loadposition xyz}
And some content there.

When the article is a part of the allowed menu-item(s) of a module, that module will appear in this article.